4 Stunning Living Room Layout Ideas That You Can Use!

If you want your living room to look and feel welcoming, you need a design and floor plan that aligns the use of your space perfectly with your needs. Based on their shape, long, open or square rooms all pose unique plan challenges and what might work for one space might make another look cramped or poorly planned.

Here are 4 layout ideas that you can use, based on the kind of space that you’re planning to decorate.

Layout # 1 This layout is perfect if you are restricted by a small space available for your living area, which is almost a square. It places an L-shaped sofa parallel to the dining area to maximize space. The furniture in the dining area is tied together with a spacious rug. The layout is rather minimalist with a simple entertainment unit spanning the wall in front.

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Layout # 2 This is an open plan layout with no physical walls separating the living area, the dining area or the kitchen space, and is best suited for homes with a rectangular living space.  The dining area is here is located close to the kitchen for convenience and the living area well away from it with a spacious couch and a large entertainment space.

Layout # 3 This is a layout with a rectangular living space and also has an open floor plan. The kitchen island here, acts as a breakfast nook, seamlessly separating the dining and living areas. Optimal utilization of space to create nothing less than a stunning living space!

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Layout # 4 This layout works well for a longish living space which is rectangular in shape, with the living area occupying most of the space and tied together with a rug. The foyer is separated from the dining area with a divider that can serve as a shoe rack on one side and a crockery shelf on the other.