15 Ideas To Make A Paradise Out Of Your Humble Balcony

You can’t be farther from the truth, if you think that your small terrace doesn’t have enough potential to become something right off those glossy interior design magazines! We are here to tell you that your little piece of the outdoors just needs a healthy dose of creativity, some outdoor furniture and lots of plants to transform into a space you’ll have a hard time staying away from!

Check out these 17 easy ways to make your balcony a walk in paradise!

1. You can’t go wrong with Colorful rugs and Cushions!

Courtesy: Idecorgram

2. Let there be Tea lights and fairy lights!

Courtesy: mygarland

3. A DIY table for those cozy nights under the stars

Courtesy:  Decornorth

4. Or, a couple of elegant metal chairs would do!

Courtesy: Archilovers

5. A change in flooring can sometimes make all the difference!

Courtesy: Mint360

6. Painted pots to give your balcony quirky look

7. Turn wooden crates into a nice, rustic seating arrangement.

8. Lay an artificial grass carpet in your balcony to give it a more natural look.


9. Railing planters are all in this season.

Courtesy: Fresh Design Pedia

10. Outdoor rattan furniture never goes out of trend!

Courtesy: HGTV

11. You can even set up a barbecue grill in the balcony for those get-together nights.

Courtesy: Ecosia

12. If you have a small balcony, then choose a folding table and chairs to save space.

Courtesy: architecturendesign.net

13. Even you can have a mini balcony garden!

Courtesy: Sofa Cope

14. Or, just hang a hammock on your balcony for a relaxed time.

Courtesy: Kuoni

15. You can even hang a comfortable swing-seat!

Courtesy: deavita.net