Good Sleep Is Essential. Let’s Make Sure You’re Getting Yours!

Do you wake up with sore muscles most mornings, or with a feeling that you’ve hardly slept? And do you feel like you’re lacking some of your usual pep, at work?
While there may be many reasons these could be attributed to, the first thing that you’ll need to rule out is: a bad mattress.
Are you sleeping on one? Read on to learn more.

How Well Are You Sleeping?

Sleep is placed right alongside nutrition and exercise when it comes to what’s vital for good health. Studies show that sleep is more important than diet and exercise for good health and issues like poor concentration, depression, high blood pressure and even heart disease are now finding themselves linked to a lack of good quality sleep.
Research suggests that losing just an hour or two of sleep every night can have the same effect on our motor and cognitive functions as going without sleep for an entire day or two.
Where exactly do you fall, when it comes to this important activity? Are you getting enough shut-eye every day?

Your Mattress Is More Important Than You Think

Consider this for a minute. Would you go hiking up a mountain, or go snorkeling, without the right gear? You wouldn’t, right?
Then why spend one-third of your life (that’s how long you spend, sleeping) with the wrong gear (your mattress, in this case)?
From niggling aches and pains to mental health, there’s way more that rides on the mattress that you sleep on, than you might realize. The right mattress needs to be comfortable enough to ensure undisturbed slumber while it is scientifically engineered to provide good postural alignment.
As important as sleep is for our health, it also happens to be easiest to neglect. Make sure you aren’t neglecting yours. Choose your mattress with care.

It’s An Investment You Make – For Your Health

Yes, a good mattress is an investment and you might be tempted to settle on a less-than-perfect mattress and blame it on your budget-constraints. But think of it this way. If a good mattress helps you sleep better, lose weight and live longer, can you really put a price tag on something THAT vital?
Invest in a high-quality mattress and offer your back all the support it needs. Remember, when it comes to good back-health–cutting corners is a really bad idea!

Why Duropedic?

With an overwhelming number of millennials suffering from back issues, Duroflex decided to launch an Orthopedic mattress range called Duropedic. Crafted specially to tackle back issues, Duroflex’s Duropedic range of mattresses is India’s Only Certified Orthopaedic mattress. Tested and Certified by National Health Academy.
The Duropedic mattress range, with its unique 5-zone support system, was developed after tons of research and a whopping 8-month long testing period. Designed to support the human body in the 5 zones that need different kinds of support based on the weight they exert, it offers the most optimum and restorative back support to each of these 5 zones, ensuring the right spinal alignment through the night.
And the result? A good night’s rest and a fresh morning!
And yes, last but not the least, here’s something else you’ll need to keep in mind.

Nothing Lasts Forever. Mattresses Definitely Don’t.

Your decade old mattress might feel all-too-familiar with the groove you’ve made in it, but it is definitely not doing you any good.
And despite what seems like one of the most widespread myths, mattresses aren’t meant to be used forever. All of them reach end-of-life in about 8-10 years. Click here to learn more
So, don’t wait until the stuffing from yours is streaming out of holes. Plan for a replacement, especially if you notice that you’re sleeping better when you’re away from home.
Click here for a mattress upgrade.