12 Genius Space-Saving Storage Solution for Small Homes


Who doesn’t like to stay in a spacious house! However, with the increasing space constraints, we have to limit our dream, and instead, settle down in a smaller apartment. Naturally, with a limited floor area, even the tiniest of the mess seems bigger.

The Solution?

Up your storage game! And by storage, we mean options that are both alluring and heavy on storage duty at the same time! Sounds interesting?

Keep reading to know more:

1. Don’t keep hand towels around the sink area, as it may eat up the counter space. Instead, add a touch of glamour to the bathroom by installing vintage wall hooks and use it to hang hand towels.

2. A multi-tier coffee table is a great way to hide away the alcohol bottles or other essentials.

3. A mirror with an inbuilt storage option is a great idea. You can use it to stow away all your makeup essentials.

4. A honeycomb shelf is an excellent way to flaunt books and artifacts.

5. Opt for a multifunctional sofa in your living room.



6. Build a cabinet above the flush to store all the nitty-gritty of the bathroom.

7. An ottoman with an inbuilt storage is an excellent option for small apartments.

8. Opt for a storage bed with rolling drawers.

9. Why go for the usual bulletin board? Instead, opt for a chic wired wall grid shelf.

10. Keep it minimal with floating shelves.

11. An uber-chic side table is a great addition to your home.

12. Keep your daily makeup essentials handy with a wall mounted organizer like this.

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