16 Under Staircase Storage and Decor Ideas that will Blow your Mind!


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What comes to your mind when you think of storage? Shelves, racks, or even cabinets? But, what if we tell you that you can use your under staircase part to store or even make a home office out of it! Yes, you’ve heard it right!

The Homebliss team brings you a fantastic compilation of 16 unconventional and invincible under stair storage ideas that you would love.

1. Get your share of green from this indoor garden.



2. Or just make a home office where you can be all creative.

Home office decor


3. How about a kitchen in the under staircase space? You can now show off your beautiful crockeries over there too.



4. You can also make space for wine cellar and put in display all those vintage wine bottles!

Wine seller


5. Or just build an entertainment unit out of the space under the staircase.

tv unit


6. You can also make pull out drawers under the stairs!



7. Create a mudroom where you can keep your footwear and outer clothes!

mud room

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8. Show off your books with this beautiful space utility shelf

Book shelve


9. Or even make a cupboard to store your clothes and team it up with a colorful wing chair.

10. Just make a corner sitting area and enjoy your solitude!

corner seating


11. Use your under staircase space to display unique and beautiful artifacts.

decorative art craft

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12. Make room for your fur ball in that area.




13. Make space for a small powder room over there!

power room

Inner Peace Interior

14. Or create a reading nook and enjoy your time reading!

Reading nook
15. Have plenty of shoes and don’t know where to keep it? Create a shoe storage space in the under staircase space.

shoe storeage


16. In case you have much space under staircase then make a storage room out of it and store all knick-knacks over there.

Storage room




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