6 Most Clever Attic Storage Ideas for your Home


Storage is something that no homeowner seems to get enough of! And trust me when I say, ‘even after you have built a new cabinet or got a storage bed, there will always be something or the other left out, that needs to be stored.’

The solution?

The attic space of your house! From the winter blankets, a box full of memories, to the golf gear that you hardly use – attic is the space that can fit anything and everything in the household that you hardly use!

Take a look at the 6 most clever attic storage ideas that will take the storage game to the next level.

1. Bench With Book Storage Space

If you are a bibliophile and hope to have an in-house library, then this idea is for you! Transform the attic space into a mini-library in no time! Also, don’t forget to set up a sitting area for all the story-telling sessions.

2. Closet Storage with Shelf

One of the ways to fully utilize the attic space is to build a closet storage with shelves! Add a tension rod in the space to hang shirts, trousers, and sarees.

3. Shoe Storage

In case you are obsessed with shoes and have a habit of buying the season’s latest, then you totally deserve a separate room to store away all your favorite picks! Build a shoe rack in the attic space and spend time with your beloved shoes at peace.

4. Window Seat and Storage

You can also build a window nook with in-built storage option! Use the space to spend some peaceful time, reading books and unwinding.

5. Bed with Storage

Another great idea for attic space is to convert it into a mini bedroom! In case you have a teenager, who likes to have their own space, then this room is the best option. Also, you can make the space into your guest room as well! Don’t forget to add storage options in the bedroom though.

6. Wooden Storage Space

Build a custom-made wooden shelf in the attic space, and use it to store away all the home essentials! Additionally, you can use Tupperware/plastic boxes to keep the space organized.

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