Banish The Clutter – 8 Savvy Bathroom Storage Ideas


Organizing a bathroom is a cumbersome task! You have to take care of the space, arrangement, and placement of all the essentials, keeping in mind the existing theme and layout of the bathroom.

We’ve assembled a curated list of 8 space-saving ideas to help you navigate through the mess, light up space and address the pain point!

1. Wicker Basket

Need to increase the storage capacity of your bathroom? Wicker basket is the solution! These baskets not only keep all the bathroom essentials like extra towels, tissue roll and more in place but also gives a very organic and vintage vibe to space.

2. Under-the-Sink Storage

People often don’t pay much attention to the space below the sink. Place a storage basket beneath the sink and stow away anything and everything your bathroom needs!

3. Dress it up

Install a cloth skirt beneath the vanity to hide away all the items. The skirt aids in easy access to the area, and also you can close down the curtains when you have guests in the house. Additionally, keep all the essentials in place by employing storage baskets.

4. Dual Storage

Use the squandered space between vanities to work with a storage unit. A ladder shelf set between the sinks can be used to hold towels, clothes, and other washroom essentials.

5. Easy to Access

A blend of drawers and open storage option for your bathroom. The drawers store things like cosmetics and toiletries, while the open space underneath keeps towels in sight.

6. Floating Shelves

Floating shelf is an excellent option when you are struggling for space. If you have a small bathroom, then opting for a floating countertop is the solution.

7. Clever Storage

When built-ins simply aren’t an alternative, turn to the flea market for furniture shopping. This antique box gives a lot of cubby space to save washcloths. The beautiful foldable entryway table is the perfect space-saving solution for any bathroom!

8. Straight and Narrow

Storage is the most looked for aspects in the bathroom. Keep mess in control without overpowering a small space by including a sleek metal rack. Stack the rack with cloths, cleansers, and body scours.

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