Storage Alert: 12 Smart Storage Ideas For Small Apartments

We all know all too well, the storage woes of a small apartment. Well not that we can ever be satisfied with storage, no matter how much of it we have, the hoarders that we homo-sapiens can be.

Well, here are 12 smart storage ideas to lessen those storage woes a bit. Read on to find relief!

1.  Install door organizers to store everything, from shoes to cleaning supplies!

Courtesy: Pinterest

2. Use shower hooks as towel holders.


3.  Use corners of the room by installing corner shelves.

Courtesy: Pinterest

4. Install sturdy rods and hang wire or rattan baskets off them using s-shaped hooks, and have your guests admiring your stylish DIY storage shelf!

Courtesy: potterybarn

5. Use the back of your cabinet doors by hanging these nifty organizers off them and stow away bits and bobs out of sight.

Courtesy: bulbhead

6. Turn an old dish drying rack into a new mail holder! Paint it to give it a fresh look.

Courtesy: livelaughrowe

7. Get a slim storage unit made to be placed next to your refrigerator, in that tiny, yet tall space that we never think of putting to any use. In case you’re wondering these slim storage-units are also available online.

Courtesy: owtdoor

8. Save precious countertop space by using a roll-up drying rack that can sit over your sink when needed, and rolled away when it’s not!

Courtesy: boylesiyok

9. Use the forgotten space under your kitchen cabinets by putting up hooks and hanging all your mugs off them.


10. Prop an old ladder in a corner and use it to store things or to display your knick-knacks out of!


11. Don’t ignore those nooks. Shelves can be squeezed into any space! Notice this rather asymmetrical shelf that is great on storage and style, with its unique shape!

Courtesy: HGTV

12. Use under-the-bed drawers to stow away your seasonal bed linen.