Storage Therapy: 11 Smart Kids’ Room Storage Ideas That Are Crazy Good!

Designing kids’ bedrooms can be a lot of fun. What with all the ideas, colors and themes that you can experiment with! But what is most important in our little ones’ space is plentiful and convenient storage space for all of their things, without which, their beautiful rooms can easily turn into an unsightly pile of clutter in no time!

Here are 11 kids’ bedrooms with smart storage built right into the décor. See if you find any of them worth using!


A blue themed room with low cabinets for easy access and storage space built all around!



A perfectly color coordinated wardrobe space for a teen who’d rather keep things simple and ‘grown-up’! Plenty of pull-out drawers for easy use.



Hanging pockets like this make for great extra storage! Your kid can use them to store stray toys, books and stationery. And you can take it down, whenever you think it stops being useful.


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A bunk bed and storage built all around it and even right inside it. A place for everything and everything in its place!



A nursery with one wall devoted to drawers, shelves, cabinets and a changing station. Wise use of space!



A multi-purpose cabinet that isn’t as simple as it looks on the outside with space for clothes, toys and other miscellanea, all neatly planned.



Lots of room to play, study and put things away when it’s time to wind up!



A small space done-up in pink and black, with storage that looks super convenient and pretty at the same time! And the chalkboard wall idea is just awesome!



Two tiers of plush comfort (with built-in cubby holes for toys) and a whole wall dedicated to storage. Space utilization can’t get any better than this for sure!



This huge kids’ bedroom has just the right mix of fun elements, loads of room to play and some serious storage space – color coded- for what looks like a space shared by three siblings!



This bedroom with oodles of storage in the form of a spacious 3-door cupboard, lots of open shelving and baskets, seems just right for a tween who’s ready to learn to stay organized!

Urmi Sengupta

Urmi Sengupta

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