11 Ways To Master The Mismatched Dining Chair Trend

One of the biggest home décor trends that seems to be getting a lot of attention these days is the mix and match dining set look, in which designers are bringing together two, three or even more entirely different chair styles to create a chic, eclectic look in the dining room.

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It seems to be one of the most talked about home décor trends and can be seen across many different interior styles, be it Scandinavian, Bohemian, Modern or Eclectic.
Let’s look at 11 ways in which you can make this look work in your dining room.

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1. One of the easiest way to go for the mismatched look without going all out, is to just change the two chairs at the end of your dining table. You still have the symmetry that you are worried about letting go of, and get to try out the new look as well. The best of both worlds!

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2. Yet another option easy on your pocket, is to get different chairs and paint them all in the same color. This would create the look you are aiming for, and still retain the uniformity.

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3. There’s nothing like a round dining table to pull the mismatched dining chair look with finesse. Just make sure you keep the dining table and the overall décor in mind, when you’re picking out the chairs to be able to visually keep the pieces tied together.

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4. You could give in to your wilder side and take the mismatched look up a notch by giving your dining area a pop of color and getting bright, contrasting chairs all around the table.

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5. If you’re worried about chairs that look too different to be able to keep the look together, invest in chairs that look like close relatives of one another, and are just dissimilar enough to create the mismatched look, without looking like they don’t belong together. You can choose what the chairs share, from the color of the upholstery, detailing or their traditional looking curves.

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6. Another ways to work this new trend in your dining room is to get all the same chairs but in different colors. You still have the chairs matching in every other aspect except for their color. This way, you get to try out the new trend and still play it safe. Now, how cool is that?

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7. If you aren’t a big fan of mixing up too many colors, you could stick to neutrals, and choose chairs in black, white in metal or wood.

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8. Another cost-effective way to pull off this look is to paint different chairs in the same color family. Not the same color, but different shades of the same color.

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9. One more way of acing the mismatched look in your traditional looking dining space is to add just one slick and modern chair to your conservative set.

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10. Here’s another way of keeping the mismatched scheme going in your dining space. You can do this by getting chairs of the same type and upholstering them in different fabrics, or by getting mismatched chairs and tying them together visually by using the same fabric to upholster them all.

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11. Last but not the least, just get totally random mismatched chairs and let your gut tell you what works best!
The only rule that you need to keep in mind while trying to work this idea is to make sure that the height of all the chairs is the same. Feel free to mix and match but keep them all equal. Happy mixing!