7 Amazing Ways To Style the Foot Of Your Bed

The foot of a bed happens to be one of the most underutilized spaces in a lot of homes. It actually is a great place to decorate and can serve several important functions, if put to proper use.

Let’s look at 7 ways to decorate and style this seemingly small, but important space in your bedroom.

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The one rule of thumb to keep in mind, however, will be to make sure whatever you’re putting there isn’t taller than your height of the mattress so that it doesn’t visually compete with the bed itself. It’s a bedroom after all, and you would want the bed to be the focal point there.

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1. A Bench-Cum-Bookshelf

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Turning the foot of your bed into a bench that houses your books is a fantastic idea. The bench can be used for sitting and doubles up as a bookshelf. You’ll have your books within reach if you are into reading at bedtime. And what’s more, it forms an interesting way to display your books in an unexpected place, with panache.

2. A Desk

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One of the many uses that the foot of your bed can be put to, is adding a desk to it that can create a small office area in your bedroom. How cool is that?!

3. A Trunk Or A Chest

The one thing that’s perennially needed in every household is storage space. How about creating one right at the foot of your bed? Whether it’s a basket or a trunk, you can place it at the food of your bed and stow away seasonal bedding for easy access whenever it is required.

4. A Sofa

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A nice love seat or a sofa can make a great spot for lounging about in the bedroom with your favorite book.

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5. A Sitting Area

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Just place a couple of cozy chairs and a coffee table or a side table with them and you’ve got yourself a nice sitting area and a cozy conversation spot right at the foot of your bed.

6. A Dresser

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If you feel the need of some drawer or cabinet space, consider using a low dresser at the foot of your bed, making sure it isn’t taller than your mattress. But you’ll need to make sure the dresser doesn’t appear cluttered.

7. A Bed For Your Pet

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The end of your bed can also be used to put in place a nice cozy bed for your fur-babies. This way they can get to be near you at bedtime, without hogging space on your bed.

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