Amazing Wallpaper Design Ideas For Your Home

Can your home do with some sprucing up? And are your walls crying out for a makeover?

Well, think no more. Here are a few wallpaper design ideas that can turn a featureless room into a fabulous space. Read on and get ready to get inspired!

1. A wallpaper in red can make quite a daring decorative statement. If you don’t want for it to feel over the top, complement it with accents in a rather neutral hue (black, for instance).

2. The bold design of the wallpaper here, that’s quite stimulating on the eyes, is kept from feeling over-the-top by ensuring that the décor around it subtle and neutral.

3. The wallpaper here, has so much personality on its own, that the décor around it has to be understated and subtle, quite like the furniture in this case.

4. Not all statements are made with eye-catching colors. This subtle black and beige wallpaper breathe life into this simply-but-elegantly done up room.

5. If you want to wow your guests the moment they arrive, choose a wallpaper that’s bolder than your style, like this wallpaper with a stunning beige and gold metallic finish. Remember to keep the upholstery and furniture subtle and neutral.


6. The right wallpaper can transform a featureless space into a magnificent space. Like this bold wallpaper in black that sets the tone of the entire room that is quite simply done up.

7. The touch of gold in this room, whether it is in the trims of the pillows, the curtains or the vintage style lampshades, complements the pale green and gold wallpaper perfectly, giving the entire room an opulent feel.

8. This space seems to have been reinvented by this classy, rather feminine purple wallpaper. The matching lampshade and curios only add to the beauty of the space.

9. This gold and grey wallpaper and the matching pillowcases go together like a match made in heaven, taking this bedroom to new decorative heights. Need we say more?

10. If you happen to be averse to taking risks, softer designs that leave an understated effect are best. This mauve floral design doesn’t overstimulate the eyes and fits in perfectly with the décor of the room.