Before You Throw Away That Used Tea Bag


Do you think tea bags are a use and throw item, and the used tea bag goes straight to the bin once your tea has been brewed? Well, you can’t be farther from the truth!
Read on to discover the many other brilliant uses that these tiny packets can be put to, after they’ve given you your strong cup of tea!

1. Add Flavor To Pasta

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Add a few used tea bags into your pot of water before you add the pasta, rice or other grains, ensuring that you remove the bags right before you put the pasta or the grains in. They will acquire a subtle flavor and aroma from the tea leaves.

2. Condition Your Hair

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To condition your hair naturally, use 1 liter of warm, unsweetened tea to rinse your hair after shampooing. Use your pre-brewed tea bags to make this tea.

3. Make Your Own Air Fresheners

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Make your own air fresheners at home, by adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil to dry pre-used tea bags and hang them around the house using their string. The tea will absorb the foul odors and the essential oils will spread a nice aroma to leave your home smelling great! Refresh them by adding a few more drops of the essential oil once you feel the oil has worn off.

4. Cure A Boil

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Cover an angry boil with a wet tea bag and leave it on overnight. The boil would just drain without any pain, by next morning.

5. Deter Mice


Hide used tea bags inside cupboards in the kitchen that you think get frequented by mice. Since mice don’t like the smell of tea, they will stay away.

6. Clean Dirty Dishes

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Have a pile of greasy dishes in the sink? Why worry when help is at hand! Just soak the dishes in warm water with a couple of tea bags thrown in and leave them for a while. The tea will help loosen the grease and food stuck on the dishes and make your job far easier.

7. Deodorize Your Hands

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If you’ve handled smelly foods like garlic or fish, scrub your hands with moist used tea bags. They will remove all the odors.

8. Get Rid Of Smelly Feet

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Soak your smelly feet in tea brewed using pre-brewed tea bags for 20 minutes and bid goodbye to stinky feet!

9. Soothe Irritated Skin

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Moist tea bags can soothe many kinds of skin irritations. You can place them over tired, sore eyes to help soothe them. They can help with sunburn, cool the skin and reduce swelling. They can also help with minor stings and bites and bring down the swelling and pain.

10. Polish Wooden Surfaces


You can use tea brewed from used tea bags to clean and bring a shine to your hardwood floors and wooden furniture.
A Word Of Caution!
If you plan to store your used tea-bags until you find a use for them, you’ll need to ensure that they are kept refrigerated after a day outside. And even when you keep them in the refrigerator for long, they will tend to go bad after a long enough time and if they start to smell funny, it might be time to get rid of them.