11 Feng Shui for a Happy Home


Hearing the word ‘Feng Shui cure’ can trigger distinctive responses from various individuals. We’ve all heard a million times about the crystals, dragons, and mystical wind chimes. In any case, rest guaranteed there are numerous feng shui cures that both you and your home will benefit from.

What is a Feng Shui Cure?

Also called as remedies, or improvements — Feng Shui cures are a phenomenal way to actuate or intensify the energy in your home. When put right, the Feng Shui cures enable you to lure positive energy. Enacting a feng shui cure in your home can cure issues related to health, wealth, career, and family.

So, let’s take a look at the 11 Feng Shui cures that will promote a happy and healthy life for you and your family:

1. Air Purifying Plants


Plants are a standout amongst the other feng shui cures for any indoor space. Plants bring an exceptionally energetic, dynamic and recuperating quality of energy to your home. So embellishing your home or office with plants will fill in as a cure for low energy, ultimately promoting happiness and life to any space.

2. Oil Diffuser


Good quality air is really crucial for your wellbeing and prosperity, as are the remedial characteristics of essential oils. The diffusers make it simple to appreciate great quality air loaded with healing fragrances of plants. Use oils like lavender rose, or jasmine in the bedroom; peppermint, clary sage, or lemongrass in office to boost energy flow.

3. Wind Chimes


The soft clinking music of wind chimes is intended to calm you down. Placing wind chimes as indicated by their material in the right areas of the Bagua of Feng Shui heals negative energy. Wind chimes are made up various materials like metal, wood, ceramic; and every single one of them holds definite meaning. For example, metal wind chime pulls in luck for homes and office; wooden chimes bring in calmness, a sense of security, and well being; whereas the ceramic chime boosts knowledge, health, and love luck!

4. Crystals

The Spruce

It is one of the widely recognized Feng Shui elements can be used in various ways, all with one single objective – to promote good feng shui energy in your home. Crystals have been used for hundreds of years for several purposes – from curing to protection, even as a decor element as well. These are generally used for the particular energy or the vibrations they convey to your home or office.

5. Mirrors


Mirrors are a standout amongst the most effective feng shui cures. The correct placement of mirrors can truly bring positive energy to your home or office. Since mirrors bring the energy of the water feng shui element, they are utilized as compelling cures in the Bagua areas of the house.

6. Lucky Bamboo

The Spruce

The lucky bamboo is a wonderful feng shui cure that has particular significance related to the 5 feng shui elements. There are likewise particular necessities for the best feng shui arrangement of the lucky bamboo in a home or office.

7. Aquarium


Aquariums are a powerful feng shui cure to pull in the energy of wealth. Set right, an aquarium will open up the energy in any home or office and draw in more Chi. Aquarium brings a congruous combination of wealth luring feng shui factors and is an ideal combination of all the 5 feng shui components.

8. Fountains

Outdoor Furniture

Fountains are exceptionally prominent in feng shui on the grounds that they bring the energy of the water element, and water is an antiquated feng shui image of wealth and success.

9. Laughing Buddha


Laughing Buddha statues are one of the best Feng Shui elements to keep at home as it brings good fortunes, deflect misfortune and furthermore increment the atmosphere and happiness in homes. The Laughing Buddha is an image of everything great – good fortune, happiness, wealth and achievement.

10. Money Frog


One of the popular Feng Shui cure for wealth, the Money Frog holds immense power. Also known as Chan Chu, the money frog is believed to appear during the full moon, near houses that will soon get wealth-related good news.

11. Mystic Knot

The Spruce

The mystic knot is a traditional feng shui cure for affection and congruity in marriage. On the off chance that you cherish the look and the energy of this image, the ideal approach to utilize it is to show it in the Bagua region.

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