5 Vastu Myths That You May Have Been Believing

The internet is like this giant (and useful!) storehouse of information. But not all the information available on it, is true. In fact, quite a lot of it isn’t! But unfortunately, a lot of the incorrect information gets absorbed as true and even gets circulated, giving it credibility and eventually altering people’s beliefs.

Here are a few commonly believed myths around Vastu – a science based on directions and architecture, that promotes a better and happier life. See if you’ve been believing any of these to be true!

Myth 1: Keeping an idol of Lord Ganesha in the main entrance brings good fortune

Courtesy: Spaceio

Many websites suggest that placing an idol of Lord Ganesha at the entrance of the house is auspicious. When, in fact, every time you go to open the door, you have your back to the idol, which is far from auspicious!

Myth 2: No mirrors in the bedroom!

Yet another popularly believed myth – placing a mirror in your bedroom is bad and brings misfortune to a marriage. However, Vastu specialists say that the position of a mirror doesn’t have any such negative impact. The problem arises when the mirror is placed on an incorrect wall. A mirror belongs on a dressing table against an east or north wall of the bedroom.

Myth 3:  A Basement or a vacant space under the house brings ill luck

In this age of high rises, it’s hard to follow the old rules of Vastu to the T. And most buildings today have basement parking, something that can’t be avoided.  But this Vastu rule can be circumvented by positioning the entry and exit points of the property, accordingly.

Myth 4: Doors placed in a straight-line bring misfortune

Courtesy: Bedroom-Design

It’s a myth that doors in a house can’t be along the same line. In fact, the designs of old temples don’t seem to agree with this at all and have their entryways aligned in the same line. Hence it is smarter to stop believing in this myth and plan the placement of your doors as per your convenience.

Myth 5: Kitchens should be planned as per the direction of the wind

This Vastu tip was valid only in the olden days where the wind would take away kitchen smoke and not circulate it inside the house as there were no electric chimneys or exhaust fans at that time. But today, this rule doesn’t hold good at all, obviously.